Melissa Nowak Promotes INTA's Trademark Fact Sheets

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  • COJK Firm
  • February 04, 2021

COJK attorney Melissa Nowak discussed the International Trademark Association’s (INTA) trademark Fact Sheets in a recent article in INTA News. The Fact Sheets provide valuable information to non-lawyers seeking information about trademarks.  As chair of the organization’s Public Information Committee, Melissa oversees a committee of INTA members located around the globe, working together to keep the information in the Fact Sheets current and topical. “We ensure that the content, cited cases, and examples in the Fact Sheets are up to date and relevant to trademark owners worldwide,” said Melissa.  “I frequently refer clients to this informative, free resource.”

The newly updated Fact Sheets include Trademark Dilution, Online Advertising and Use of Others’ Marks, Learn the Language, Assignments, Licensing and Valuation of Trademarks, International Trademark Rights, and Fair Use of Trademarks.  For information about these and other INTA Fact Sheets, please click here.

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