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Agriculture & Food Sciences

Agriculture & Food Sciences

Agriculture, Fisheries & Natural Resources

Since 1929, COJK has helped clients protect their ideas in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, and natural resources. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with many established and emerging growers, fishers, miners, processors, horticulturalists, and university researchers.

Many of our attorneys have extensive backgrounds in molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, plant genetics, and mechanical engineering, giving us a better understanding of our clients’ unique challenges in these natural fields.

Our attorneys have assisted clients with IP services related to:

  • Farming equipment
  • Fishing mechanisms and equipment
  • Agronomy
  • Crop harvesting
  • Processing, and related farming methods
  • Plant varieties, including hybrids

Food Technology & Processing

Technology and science continue to advance the field of food services and processing. Innovations in product development, production, processing, packaging, formulation, and food creation are frequently used to enhance traditional markets and methods.

Increasing consumer demand for wellness foods and the growing emphasis on health and nutrition require dynamic and creative solutions. As an added challenge, the industry must deal with numerous regulatory requirements.

COJK’s skilled attorneys are familiar with the industry’s issues and opportunities. Drawing from our team’s knowledge base of chemistry, microbiology, and mechanical sciences, we help champion and protect the ideas of inventors and innovators in this expanding field. Our services range from patent prosecution to comprehensive services such as evaluating strategies to effectively leverage and protect our clients’ IP rights. In addition, we also work with some of the region’s leading vineyards and wine grape growers, particularly assisting them with trademark and branding issues. 

COJK attorneys assist clients with matters related to:  

  • High-pressure processing (HPP) machines
  • Clip and other packaging systems
  • Food portioning and thermal processing systems
  • Food and beverage processing systems
  • Sterilization and other preservation systems and processes
  • Temperature and moisture monitoring systems
  • Labeling systems
  • Product handling and transportation systems
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