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Computer Networking & Telecom

Computer Networking & Telecom

The application of electrical engineering and physics has revolutionized business and personal communications by increasing transmission rates, reliability, and range. Elements of human communication including data, voice, images, and movies are transmitted in seconds around the globe. In addition, advances in technology continue to decrease the size of communication devices.

COJK provides quality legal representation, augmented by our attorneys’ backgrounds in networking, telecommunications, and related technological fields and scientific disciplines. We know how to help our clients face the demands and challenges of this dynamic field, protecting their ideas and interests.

We provide the full scope of patent legal services to our telecommunications clients, including obtaining, enforcing, and defending patent rights; conducting patent infringement, validity analysis, and opinions; patent licensing agreements and negotiations; patent portfolio management; and other IP-related transactions.

COJK attorneys assist clients in the following areas:

  • Mobile devices and related communication protocols
  • Wireless networks
  • Satellite communications
  • Channel access systems, such as GSM, CDMA, WDCMA and LTE, as well as enhanced versions such as EDGE, HSPDPA and HSDPA+ systems
  • Spread spectrum systems for secure communications and surveillance (antidetection and antijamming of radar)
  • Litigation relating to standards for wireless communication and FRAND royalties
  • Bi-lateral, standards and non-standards-related patent licensing, formation of and membership in patent pools

COJK counsels inventors, researchers, and corporations in safeguarding their research and development secrets and protecting their rights. Our intellectual property knowledge, combined with backgrounds in engineering, science, and technology, help ensure the strength of our clients’ production streams and market presence.

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