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Consumer Products & Services

Consumer Products & Services

The consumer products and services industry is changing rapidly with the introduction of new products and services, new revenue streams, and increasing competition. It is more important than ever for companies to develop new and unique products while building a reputable and recognizable brand in the marketplace.

COJK works with a wide range of companies that manufacture and sell everything from coffee cups to computers. We assist our clients with patents, trademarks, copyrights, and agreements, enabling them to protect their IP assets and to profit from their brands and products. Our attorneys also perform IP audits and due diligence reviews that contribute to our clients’ business success.

Companies in the competitive consumer products market must carefully consider their IP needs as part of their business planning. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights can offer long-term protection to developers and create tremendous value, but understanding the appropriate type of protection and the process to obtain protection is crucial in making good business decisions.

Gaming and Toys

The global toy industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that is continuing on a strong path of success. From collectibles and toys to games, puzzles, and dolls, the industry has continued to demonstrate consistent growth.

Advancements in the highly competitive gaming industry are continually changing, pushing users into new areas, including virtual and augmented reality experiences. Developers in this industry must create products that are more stimulating, educational, and cutting-edge, seeking new ways of distinguishing themselves from the competition. When these challenges are met, the need for strong IP protection becomes absolutely necessary.

Sporting Goods & Equipment

Innovation and creativity are key drivers in the sporting goods, sports equipment, and athletic apparel industry. With each new technological advancement, there also comes a need to evaluate intellectual property protection requirements.

The attorneys at COJK have decades of experience working with clients in the dynamic consumer products and services industry. Our attorneys are skilled in confronting the challenges developers face in bringing new products to the market and are able to help them protect and profit from their creations. From IP protection to licensing, and from enforcement to defense, the attorneys at COJK utilize the many IP tools available to secure strong and defensible protection of IP rights for our consumer products clients.

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