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Digital Media & Entertainment

Digital Media & Entertainment

The entertainment industry is driven by the energy and creativity of artists whose works span a variety of media. Entertainment, including the entire creative arts industry, is faced with new challenges in this digital age to successfully protect intellectual property rights. With the astounding growth of social media and the proliferation of digital assets, new intellectual property issues have affected the industry, particularly in the areas of digital media, publishing, and distribution of artistic works.

COJK counsels a variety of clients involved in this diverse and dynamic field, and has been doing so for decades. We assist authors, playwrights, musicians, sculptors, production studios, video game developers, interactive media publishers, multimedia developers, and research institutions in protecting their brands, rights of publicity, and entertainment content.

We also help to protect the systems related to digital media, including digital video and audio codecs, data transfer techniques, digital photography and image processing methods, wireless communications, digital 3D technologies, gaming, and virtual/augmented reality systems.

COJK attorneys assist clients with:

  • Protection of brands, personality rights, and creative content through copyright and trademark protection
  • Digital media technology patents
  • Licensing of patented technologies in data streaming, compression and encryption; storage; security applications; and digital media
  • Ownership agreements, licensing agreements, enforcement and piracy issues
  • Unfair competition issues
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)-related issues, including compliance with DMCA's safe harbor provisions, and filing and responding to DMCA take-down notices
  • Social media infringement issues
  • Online enforcement strategies and policies
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