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Advancements in how the world communicates and shares information present new challenges to protecting the IP rights of the authors and owners of original works.   

At COJK, our experienced attorneys skillfully apply copyright law to situations involving the latest technologies. We work with the authors, creators, and owners of original works in the world of the arts, architecture, computer science, entertainment, and medicine to assist them in protecting, defending, and enforcing their IP rights domestically and around the world.

Our many years of experience in counseling authors and owners, and handling copyright disputes, coupled with our in-depth technical knowledge and industry experience, enable us to obtain, maintain, and enforce our clients’ IP rights.

Our attorneys assist clients in the following areas:

  • Advice on use of third-party copyrighted materials
  • Agreements and licensing
  • Assignments of copyright assets
  • Anticounterfeiting
  • Cease and desist letters, enforcement, and defense
  • DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Takedown Notices
  • International copyrights
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Open source issues
  • Recordation of copyright registrations with U.S. and foreign customs services
  • Registrations with the U.S. and foreign copyright offices
  • Review and audit of proposed and ongoing use of copyrights to ensure consistency and legal compliance
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