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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Intellectual property assets lie at the heart of many transactions. Without proper planning and analysis, periods of transition can put the value and integrity of IP rights at substantial risk.

The attorneys at COJK have the experience and resources necessary to quickly conduct a thorough and strategically relevant assessment of IP-related assets before or during a merger, an acquisition, or any type of reorganization or investment transaction. Our attorneys' years of patent law experience make us uniquely qualified to assist clients during these complex transactions, assessing the value of IP-related assets by examining the strength and scope of the protections in place, the enforceability of the intellectual property, ownership rights, any previous or ongoing use rights, and the potential future value of IP-related assets. This process provides a strategic picture of a company’s intangible assets, allowing business owners to make informed decisions about selling their IP assets or purchasing the IP assets of another business.

Our attorneys assist clients in the following areas:

  • Determining the scope of IP protection
  • Conducting freedom-to-operate reviews and opinions
  • Avoiding infringement issues
  • Reviewing IP validity and enforcement
  • Examining IP ownership
  • Reviewing IP asset agreements, including development, manufacturing, distribution, supply, sales and use agreements
  • Uncovering any encumbrances to the IP-related assets 
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