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Establishing sound intellectual property protections is the crucial first step in maximizing the value potential of a new idea.  How one leverages those protections in the real world to fully realize that potential is equally important.

Our practice includes attorneys with advanced technical degrees, attorneys who have worked as scientists, researchers, and engineers, former United States Patent and Trademark examiners, and attorneys who have served as in-house IP counsel to businesses.  This hands-on experience and our deep legal knowledge enable us to easily understand our clients' innovations and assist them in identifying areas of potential risk.

COJK attorneys construct detailed opinions that provide business owners and management teams the strategic legal insight and confidence needed to take full advantage of IP assets in even the most fiercely competitive marketplace.

We assist clients with:

  • Patent opinions regarding matters of patentability, validity, rights-to-use, and infringement
  • Trademark and trade dress opinions regarding availability, registration, rights-to-use, infringement, domain name protection and other internet considerations
  • Copyright opinions regarding availability, registration, ownership, fair use, and infringement
  • Trade secret opinions regarding status, ownership, use, disclosures, and protection, as well as best practices to preserve trade secret status, prevent misappropriation, and safeguard confidential information
  • Licensing opinions regarding rights to license and potential restrictions
  • Portfolio opinions regarding scope of protections, strength of the portfolio, potential portfolio development, and portfolio management
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